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Your Lash Lift Questions Answered

Lash Lift is a revolutionary procedure that has taken the eyelash industry by storm and replaces outdated techniques like lash perming. This new method involves using silicone pads to create the desired curl to your lashes instead of perm rods to lift, separate, and lengthen the look of your natural lashes.

Lash lifts can give you an attractive, brighter, and wide-eyed look that can last for up to twelve weeks. After this procedure, you’ll be hooked on how gorgeous and stunning your lashes look even without any mascara. However, if it’s your first time, you’ll likely have questions about the process; well, we have answers. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 

Is the Procedure Painful?

Not at all. During the procedure, you will need to keep your eyes closed to let the esthetician work and give you bright-eyed looks. The entire process may take around 45 to 60 minutes, so it is okay to feel strange to open your eyes after the lash lifting.

Is It Safe?

A lash lift is a safe procedure, and it does not damage your natural lashes in any way. It involves using specially shaped silicone pads to lift and curl your eyelashes which is entirely safe gently.

Also, it’s essential to have an experienced and skilled professional perform the procedure to ensure you get the best results. So long as your technician is well-trained, your natural lashes are going to be 100 percent fine and healthy. 

Is There an Age Limit? 

Lash lifts don’t typically have an age limit; anyone, whether young or old, can get this procedure done. It is more so a personal choice. However, different salons may have varying rules. 

Get a Lash Lift In Maine

If you’re looking to get more fuller and pronounced lashes in Maine, you’ll definitely want to consider getting a lash lift at Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine. 

We offer lash lift services to emphasize your eyes and leave you with full lashes. You can trust the experienced technicians at Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine to provide you with only the best quality service you can find.

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