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The Bridal Package: Our Ultimate Wedding Day Beautifying Program

You are now knee-deep into your wedding planning. You’ve researched different venues, looked up the best wedding cake bakeries and read reviews on different photographers. You’ve made a list of people to invite and another one for the things you need to do before your big day.

You’ve tried on dress after dress after dress, yet none of those wedding dresses seem to fit quite right. You know that this is going to be one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your very best.

But like so many other brides before you, there seems to be one crucial part of your wedding preparation that is lacking: your big-day beauty preparation!

We’re not just talking about your hair, makeup and accessories, but of your overall appearance. Don’t get me wrong: you will look absolutely BEAUTIFUL on your wedding day. But with all of the time and money that is spent on these events, wouldn’t you love to be able to just touch up a few personal things to really feel your absolute best?

That’s where “The Bridal Package” by Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics in Maine comes in!

This amazing bridal package is the ultimate way for you to feel and look your best on every part of your wedding day.

What is “The Bridal Package”?

Our bridal package is a collection of 5 of our beautifying treatments specifically designed to give you fast-to-immediate “bridal look” results:

1 Cryotherapy slimming OR toning (to help remove 1-2 inches from your waistline OR decrease unwanted skin sag)

1 Cryotherapy facial (to help iron out any wrinkles)

1 Cryotherapy arms treatment (to help firm-up your underarm area)

1 Jetpeel facial (to even your skin tone and create a beautiful complexion)

1 Teeth whitening (to brighten up that beautiful smile)

Imagine taking advantage of this array of luxurious bridal services in preparation for your big day! While other bridal salons are able to prepare your hair and makeup, we are able to help you with your skin, figure and teeth!

The lineup: our 5 bridal services and how they can help with your wedding planning



If you’re looking to slim down and/or tighten up your abdominal area, back fat, OR love handles, this body cryotherapy treatment is for you! Treatments will help improve your micro-circulation and speed up your metabolism, which results in higher collagen production. The extreme cold slimming treatment consists of a 3 phase thermal shock that will help naturally destroy fat cells which are then flushed out of your body naturally through the lymphatic system. Great for those looking to get rid of stubborn belly fat/loose skin.


This 10 minute cold therapy procedure will increase micro-circulation to the area treated, diminishing fine lines, boosting collagen and tightening skin. We can’t stop the aging process, but cryotherapy facials can stimulate major collagen production, lift the face, and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Both arms are done in a combo of freezing slimming & toning treatments to help tighten up the skin under your arms. Keep the attention on your dress and not under your arms!




JetPeel’s transdermal infusion technology is unique in that it combines compressed gases (air, medical O2 or CO2) with active ingredients or biologics (sterile saline solution, skin and hair serums, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, medications, Platelet Rich Plasma or exosomes) to form a subsonic jet stream of microdroplets.

These droplets are then delivered up to 4 mm (1/8”) deep into the skin at a speed of 447 mph (720 km/h), without causing any injury to the epidermis. It’s an extremely safe and pain-free way to be able to penetrate the skin deeper than any other facial service available. This will give any bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) the perfect “glow” right before her big day!



After undergoing whitening with our DaVinci Teeth Whitening System, teeth shades will brighten up to 14 shades, An average improvement of five to eight shades with each 20 minute session. Individual results will depend on your current tooth shade, treatment time, and the composition of your teeth. Your end result will be a whiter, healthier smile. Everyone’s teeth are different and will have a natural stop point. We recommend 2-3 sessions for optimal results and to remove all layers of staining. The whole process is one 120 minute treatment so your teeth can get as white as possible in your first session.

So What Does it Cost for This Special Bridal Collection of Services?

Normally, these appointments are collectively worth $2200. However, this exclusive bridal collection is available to every bride for $849! That’s a savings of $1351! So, in summary:

  • Single treatment price of all 5 services outside of the Bridal Package: $2200
  • Price of the Bridal Package: $849
  • Savings: $1351

But wait, theres more: Our wedding party package


So these services are amazing, but what if the groom wants in on the beautifying? What if you want all of your bridesmaids to look their best as well? What if you just want to give your wedding party an amazing gift for making your day amazing? We’ve got something for that too: for any wedding party of 3 or more (including the bride’s package), we will take off an ADDITIONAL $50 for each package!! So instead of paying $849 for each bridal package, you pay $799 for each package!



How does Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics in Maine compare to other Bridal Salons? 

So actually, we aren’t a bridal salon at all; we are a Med Spa in Maine that offers beautifying services. We’ve helped literally thousands of women achieve their beauty goals and continue to help more and more every day. Between our Permanent Makeup services (rated as the best in the state by the board of micropigmentation), our cryotherapy targeted fat-freezing, our best-in-class jetpeel facials and our all-natural teeth whitening, we have generated a list of hundreds of positive reviews.

Can I get Permanent Makeup for my wedding as well?

You ABSOLUTELY can ensure your eyebrows/eyeliner is completely ready for your big day, but you will need to have your appointment at least 2-3 months before the wedding itself.

Will Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics in Maine help me decide between the wedding dresses I like?

Unfortunately our expertise is not in wedding planning. However, we can ensure you feel your absolute BEST as you walk down the aisle in whichever dress you chose without our help!

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