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Permanent Jewelry in Maine

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is a type of body modification where fine jewelry is welded together in a way that does not allow for it to be removed. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic, medical, and religious purposes. This allows us to give you beautiful permanent jewelry without any surgery, incisions or healing!

Pieces are made of chain and are cut to fit your exact size requirements. These chains can be welded to make forever bracelets, necklaces and anklets and can be made out of gold or sterling silver.

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Permanent Jewelry Promotion

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Is Permanent Jewelry Right for Me?

There are many reasons for someone to get a forever bracelet or necklace!

It is a great way to express yourself. Permanent Jewelry can be used to show your individuality, style, and personality. With a variety of chain links, charms and materials to choose from, you can customize your permanent jewelry to reflect YOU.

You can commemorate a bond between yourself and another loved one/friends. Many of our clients get matching permanent bracelets with their significant other or with their closest friends. It is a beautiful way to show your unbreakable bond and dedication to each other.

You can celebrate special occasions or milestones. Weddings, birthdays, vacations, holidays and even as a gift are just some of the reasons our clients get permanent jewelry. A welded bracelet with some added charms can help to commemorate a special memory that you share with another/others!

Permanent Jewelry is a safe and relatively simple procedure. The actual welding process can be done by a professional body piercer, tattoo artist, Micropigmentation specialist or a licensed Esthetician. You don’t need to go through any pain or danger to get a permanent bracelet attached to your wrist.

You won’t need to worry about your permanent jewelry falling off/breaking. Once your select chains have been welded on, they are meant to stay on.

Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics In Maine

Lewiston Location

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Going to PMU of Maine, Lewiston has been a very exciting experience for me The best money that I have ever spent I'm proud to have joined this wonderful group of estheticians for all of my personal facial needs. They cover all your needs including cryotherapy, permanent makeup for your eyes and lips 💋 Just call them and look great for the upcoming holidays Tell them Jeannette Ward sent you They're affordable for your wallet and have monthly savings for you These are professional caring girls who care deeply about their clients and their results are undeniable. Liz,also cares for your nails. It's one stop shops Thank you for your time and attention!!
Patti Kennett
I can’t say enough about Ashley and her business! Ashley has been doing my eyebrows for several years now and I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else! Her staff is super friendly, the Lewiston location is very clean and welcoming. Even going for just yearly touch ups Ashley remembers you year to year, I love that about her! You are treated like a friend or a family member and not just a client! I said this in the beginning of this review and I will say it again, I can’t say enough and I certainly cannot thank Ashley enough for her dedication and professionalism! I’ll see you again in a year maybe sooner!!
Lucille Langelier
Excellent care and superb service.
Kayla DeCoteau
Ashley is a doll! I admire her ability to customize to each clients needs to make sure you leave happy. I love the UV lashes I had done today. Ashley took her time and it shows. The space was extremely comfortable and beautifully put together. I highly recommend booking with Ashley!!!
E. P.
Ashley and her staff are simply AMAZING! I have gone to see them a few times now and 100% plan on going back again and again. Not only do they know how to make a person feel like a million bucks, (and trust me, they really do!!) but their customer service is on point. Thank you Ashley, for helping me like what I see in the mirror once again!
Kim Cote
I have had the permanent lip color service and I have been thoroughly satisfied with it. Ashley was very understanding about any fears that I had regarding the procedure and she made sure that I was completely comfortable before starting the procedure. In addition, this is a “time saver”. Just apply lip gloss if you want a bit of “shine” and your ready for the day. I highly recommend this service.
Angela Jarvis
Had my first diamond dermabrasion facial today. Kera was amazing and explained in detail all the different kinds of exfoliants and facial options. She gave me play by play of what she was doing at all times so I was never left guessing what was coming next. She was so sweet and professional and very personable. The whole experience was a 10! I highly recommend ❤️
Laura Pashko
I recently moved to Maine and needed my eyebrows touched up. Ashley did a wonderful job! I was very pleased with the results. 😊😊😊😊
cassie harrison
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Wendy Rider
Ashley provided my lip blushing today, and the experience was wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable, and assists with what color works best for your skin tone. The procedure went much faster than expected, and the pain was minimal. The results are amazing!

How is the Permanent Jewelry put on my body?

First, you decide where you want the jewelry: your neck (forever necklaces), your wrist (forever bracelets) or your ankle (forever anklets).

Next, we help you pick one of our chain options. We have a variety of options you can choose from below.

Then, we measure the area circumference where you are having the permanent jewelry added and cut a length of chain for the selected area. You will have the ability to choose the exact amount of wiggle room you want for maximum comfortability. Having the exact length helps to create a seamless look and perfect fit for the beautiful piece.

Finally, we take the chain and weld it on. After just a few minutes, you will have the perfect forever bracelet/anklet/necklace!

Is Forever Jewelry New?

Permanent Jewelry has been around for thousands of years! Recently though, Permanent Jewelry sales have skyrocketed as the trend comes back to life. From friendship bracelets to everyday wear, it has become exceptionally popular to have meaningful milestones in the form of gold and/or silver permanently added to a body part. This is due in part to the increasing availability of body modification procedures, the growing acceptance of alternative forms of self-expression and because the welding process is affordable and completely painless.

– What does our Permanent Jewelry cost? –


We offer a wide variety to choose from:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Yellow Gold-Plated
  • 14K Solid Gold – Yellow
  • Rose Gold-Plated
  • 14K Solid Gold – Rose

*We currently do not offer white gold

Chain Styles

We have many different styles and thickness levels for each type of permanent jewelry. We offer thin, more dainty bracelets and delicate jewelry as well as thicker, more secure options as well.


Cost varies depending on a variety of factors, but it does typically range from $350-$500 (charms not included). During your initial consultation our tech will go over exactly what you want and what it will cost. For a limited time however you can claim the offer at the top of your screen to get your first piece for only $199!

Below is a menu of what we currently offer (Keep in mind that adding charms does increase the price):

Artist adding permanent bracelet to clients wrist

Permanent Bracelets

Model wearing permanent necklaces

Permanent Necklaces

model wearing permanent anklet

Permanent Anklets

*All procedures come with the jewelry and are welded on in about 30 minutes.

**Discounts are available for private events (such as bachelorette parties and bridal showers).

***We do not accept/accommodate walk-ins: all of our services are done by appointments only. Call/text us at (207) 358-8683 to book your own appointment slot.

What Happens if I want my Permanent Bracelet/Anklet/Necklace Removed?

The pieces we offer are very durable, but in the event that your Permanent Jewelry is broken and in need of repair I will re weld it for free. Just keep the piece you purchased and bring it in. Lost chains, necklaces and other pieces can be replaced and re welded for a small fee.

If you decide you would like it removed it can be done with specialized wire cutters. We also offer this for free: this procedure is only as “permanent” as you want it to be! If you were to change your mind again, we can always re weld it again at a later date.


Our Promise

Here at Permanent Jewelry in Maine, we create pieces as unique, beautiful, and special as your story. Though our jewelry is beautifully simple, each piece embodies what’s meaningful to you and connects you to your most precious memories, people, and milestones. Every woman is valuable and unique, and has an individual story that we can help you tell.

Our permanent bracelets, anklets and necklaces are lovingly handmade and can be personalized based on your preference, making it simple and beautiful for you to tell your story and keep it close to your heart. From our high-quality materials to our talented artisans and customer-centric focus, we stand by our work, honor our word, and care about your satisfaction. We believe the very best jewelry speaks softly. Whatever your style, whatever your story, our pieces convey your sweetest relationships and memories with simple and elegant beauty.

Our Story

Back in 2016, I was a new mom with a sweet little baby and an exhausting mix of postpartum depression, fatigue, and confusion about my purpose. In this time of uncertainty, I was drawn to the idea of creating jewelry to represent these pivotal moments in life — from the triumphant to the tragic. I found immense joy in crafting heartfelt forever bracelets out of delicate chains of silver, yellow and white gold. That allowed me to connect with countless women, hear their stories, celebrate their joys, and offer comfort during their heartbreaks. What began as a journey out of my depression became a passion for connecting with women worldwide and helping to empower them through simple yet impactful jewelry.

Permanent Jewelry in Maine has grown from a one-woman passion project into a team of artisans, designers, and customer service specialists. We can’t wait to help you tell your beautiful story!

We have several locations to choose from. You can schedule an appointment with us using the links below: