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This location is located at 1146 Minot Ave in Auburn in the upstairs of Jenerations Salon. All Permanent Makeup procedures are done at this location.

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Permanent makeup started to appear in 1902, but until 2010 the latest techniques like microblading became popular in the United States. Since then, more and more women are opting for permanent makeup procedures.


The Process of Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is similar to getting a tattoo; the technique is mostly used to resemble eyeliner makeup, eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. Or, in some cases, to camouflage scars, skin discoloration, or create beauty marks like freckles.

Depending on the area being treated, a permanent makeup session can last approximately up to two hours.

Permanent makeup causes discomfort for some people more than others; however, in most cases, people express the pain is much lower than what they thought. The area where the procedure takes place will also influence how much pain is felt; for example, permanent lip makeup is more uncomfortable than a permanent eyebrow makeup.

Depending on the patient’s sensitivity level, sometimes a gel or numbing cream is applied before and during the procedure. And in some cases, it may be suggested to drink Tylenol 30 minutes before starting the permanent makeup session.


Why Get Permanent Makeup?

The little pain felt during permanent makeup is worth it, and compared to a regular tattoo, the healing process is much shorter (approximately three weeks). When permanent makeup is applied, the needle doesn’t go as deep as when you get a regular tattoo done, and as a result, you get beautiful natural looking makeup strikes.

If you would like to save time every morning and wake up ready to go or have a scar or stains in the face you’d like to correct, permanent makeup is for you.

The Best Place for Permanent Makeup Procedures in MainPermanent Makeup & Cryo is the best place for permanent makeup procedures in Main. Our certified and experienced makeup artists will make your experience great; we will also answer any additional questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

There’s no reason to fear permanent makeup, although it’s similar to getting a tattoo, the pain is much lower, and the procedure is faster. If needed, we’ll also administer a numbing cream.


We Keep You Safe At All Times

We’re very strict with our sanitation guidelines; you can expect all tools and work areas to be appropriately cleaned and sterilized. We’re also following a set of additional rules now during COVID-19 to guarantee our customers and staff’s safety.

Some of the rules we have are daily health screening, facemasks, gloves, a limited number of customers per day, etc.

When you walk through the doors of Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine, you can rest assured you’ll be leaving the pressures and demands of your busy life behind.

We’re a complete beauty day spa in Maine. We pride ourselves on providing individualized and superior cosmetic services and alternatives using only state-of-the-art technologies and completely vegan pigments. Our passion for helping people and our commitment to our clients throughout the entire treatment clients’ responsibility makes us a leader in the beauty industry.

If you’re looking to kick back, relax, and receive only the highest quality of care, the team at Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine awaits you.

Serene Escape Massage

Of the many treatments we offer at Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine, Massage therapy is always a top-pick when it comes to relaxation. Massage therapy can alleviate physical pain and overwhelming stress and comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improved recovery of soft tissue injury

Angela is a master massage therapist and a polarity practitioner with years of experience helping those looking for a healer of both body and mind. She will help you get to the root and alleviate your pain by finding problem areas you didn’t even know existed. Massage therapy can be a powerful healing tool that can significantly improve your quality of life. At Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine, we’re pleased to offer the following massage therapy services, all of which are customized to your needs and requirements.

  • Therapeutic Massage: customized therapy session for injuries and problem areas
  • Swedish Massage: Promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Slow-paced and rhythmic for optimal healing and rebalancing.
  • Pregnancy Massage: Therapy tailored explicitly for expectant mothers. Also offering labor inducing massage.
  • Hot Stone Massage: A delightful warm treatment using heated stones and oil, coupled with a traditional full-body Swedish massage to help melt away any stress.

Discover Serenity In Maine

If you’re looking to experience luxury and high-quality massage therapy in Maine, you’ll find exactly what you need at Permanent Makeup & Cryo in Maine. We offer a wide range of exceptional services to help you feel and look your best. Your health and beauty is our passion; our team is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate beauty and spa experience.