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Non-invasive Face Lift Treatment In Lewiston

The non-surgical facelift is a technique that is a mix of minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures designed to rejuvenate the appearance. Compared to a surgical facelift, these procedures do not require large incisions, general anesthesia, or overnight hospitalization.

The procedure gets patients in and out of the clinic quickly, with little postoperative discomfort and minimal downtime. Each non-surgical facelift is adapted to the specific needs of each patient. There are various non-invasive techniques available, addressing anything from fine lines, deep creases, lax skin, thin lips, sunken cheeks, large pores, acne scars, and loss of facial volume.

Although ageing is a natural process, it can be postponed healthily with treatments such as non-invasive lifting. At Permanent Makeup, we offer the option of eliminating those pronounced wrinkles and areas where you want to improve where you will notice incredible results.

How a Face Lift Works

There are several types of non-invasive techniques, so it is generally easy to tailor treatments to each patient’s specific needs, addressing problems such as expression lines, deep creases, thinning lips, and loss of facial volume, among others.

Derma Fillers

Dermal fillers create youthful vitality by “filling in” sunken areas and eliminating dark shadows. They can also create a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance when placed along nasolabial folds or marionette lines.

Thread Lift

The doctor inserts very thin, absorbable threads into the problem areas of the face to give it a natural look. In a thread lift, the doctor does not remove loose skin, unlike in a surgical procedure.

The result is subtle yet quite clear; it appears as if the skin is pulled back slightly, which has the effect of “lifting” and tightening the face, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Botulinum Toxin A

The procedure temporarily relaxes targeted muscles, “ironing out” facial lines that are often the result of repetitive expressions such as smiling or laughing. This does not remove wrinkles immediately, but results can be seen in one to two weeks, which can last up to three months.

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At Permanent, along with our advanced technology and experience, we guarantee you will go home looking just as you expected. You will get the best and safest results from our cryotherapy practices. Don’t hesitate to contact us to evaluate your case and goal to look younger and wrinkles-free.

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