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Is Permanent Eyeliner Painful?

If you’ve ever felt the thrill of getting a perfect application of eyeliner, you’ve also felt the downside of taking it off at night, only to try the impossible again the next day. The answer? Permanent eyeliner. However, many people find the procedure so painful and risky that they decide to stick with the daily routine.

Whether you want a full look, prefer a more smudged eyeshadow effect, or simply want to enhance your lashes by filling in the gaps along the lash line, an eyeliner tattoo may be the answer to your prayers. Read more to find out what to expect during the procedure and especially if it causes pain.

This is Why It Won’t Hurt!

When thinking about it, most people assume permanent eyeliner is a painful procedure because it is done close to your eyes. This is not the reality. There are over-the-counter topical anaesthetics that expert permanent makeup technicians use regularly.

The technician can and should start with a pre-procedure anaesthetic that is placed on the eyeliner to ensure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

What To Expect

  1. Once I start the tattooing process, the only thing the client feels is a vibration. There is no bleeding or swelling.
  2. More numbing agents are added throughout the procedure to make the entire process comfortable.
  3. Afterwards, a thin layer of eye ointment is applied to the area and you can go about your day.
  4. Although there is little downtime, aftercare is very important.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Active people who want to look their best when swimming, biking or exercising have the great advantage of no sweat and no reapplication.
  • Saves time, energy and money over time being a great advantage of tattooed eyeliner.
  • Permanent eyeliner can be a great change for people who can’t wear regular makeup due to allergies, and for those who have vision problems or dexterity conditions.

Start Your Day With A Natural-looking Face With Permanent Eyeliner

You can leave fear behind, and get a fresh look without running in the morning. Permanent eyeliner will turn your look, confidence and time around. At Permanent Makeup & Cryo in Maine, our top priority is your comfort and satisfaction. And last but not least, our professionals count on the training and experience to guarantee the best results.

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