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Is Eyelash Lift Risky?

An eyelash lift is technically a perm that provides a lift and curls to the eyelashes for weeks without dealing with tools, curlers, and false eyelashes. The procedure works with a keratin solution to create volume and a fuller look.

Since it is similar to perming and chemicals are applied to the lashes, it carries certain risks that can worsen if you don’t work with an expert eyelash lift esthetician. Read on to find out what can go wrong with an eyelash lift and how to fix it.

What Are the Risks or Side Effects?

There are many possible complications during and after an eyelash lift and tint treatment; these are the most common but can affect the minority:

1. Damaging Your Natural Lashes

Again, eyelash lifting is not risky if done correctly. The artist may have left the perming solution on for too long or used some low-quality product in this situation.

2. Irritation and Infection

Some people have sensitive skin. Even if silicone pads are applied around the area, the skin can be irritated by the perm solution. In addition, great care after treatment will prevent infection from occurring. 

The products used can cause:

  • Eye allergies
  • Eye infections
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Styes
  • Chronic dry eye
  • Watery eyes

Besides the irritation caused by the chemicals used, working with an inexperienced professional can increase side effects during the application process. Any chemical or harsh traction products applied to the strands can damage the hair leading to temporary hair loss.

To Take Into Consideration

  1. Before undergoing eyelash lift and tint treatments, warn your eyelash lift artist about any skin conditions you have or ask for a patch test before treatment. 
  2.  If you do wear contact lenses, remove them before treatment and wear glasses instead. Use caution during the next 24 hours after the application.
  3. If your eyelids are unusually swollen, red, and sore, contact your eyelash lift artist immediately. 
  4.  If the situation seems very serious, visit your dermatologist. You may need to treat it with antibiotics. Keep in mind that irritation and infection are not very common after eyelash lift treatment.

Work With an Experienced Aesthetician 

If you want to make sure nothing goes wrong and end up with fabulous lashes, choose your lash lift artist carefully. Look for someone who is experienced, clean and professional. 

Permanent Makeup Cryo Maine is a trusted spa with qualified artists. We ensure that the salon follows hygiene standards and that the treatment is in a clean environment.

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