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How to Lose Those Extra Pounds & Feel Better Fast?

Being overweight carries a lot of complications to our body and overall health; people can suffer from back and neck pain, feel tired, and develop conditions that decrease life quality.

When thinking about the best way to lose weight effectively, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise and diet. Although yes, these are the best and safest ways to lose weight, there are also some other treatments and procedures that can help speed up the process and shape your body, one of them is Cryoskin.


Cryoskin is a type of cold therapy, focused on slimming specific areas of the body like the stomach, butt, back, arms, legs, and more.

The treated areas are exposed to below zero temperatures with the use of a machine. By cooling the skin, fat cells get burned without the need for suction or surgery. Cryoskin can get amazing results, especially when combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Even if you’re not able to exercise regularly, with a healthy diet and Cryoskin, you can lose weight fast while toning the skin and helping reduce stubborn cellulite.


The main three benefits Cryoskin treatment provides are slimming, toning, and skin rejuvenation. It’s also believed that cold stimulates and speeds up the metabolism.

Additionally, it improves blood circulation, which is why patients can feel the difference in their skin and appearance from the first session.

Cryoskin or Cryotherapy can also provide relief to sore and swollen muscles, which is why many athletes use it.

Anyone can benefit from Cryoskin, whether to shred extra pounds from stubborn areas, toning, reduce cellulite, help with swollen muscles, and more.


A session of Cryoskin takes an average of thirty minutes, depending on the area being treated.

For slimming and weight loss, it’s recommended to get a session every two weeks. The number of sessions to see the best results depends on the patient’s lifestyle choices and the weight loss target.

Permanent Makeup & Cryo Can Help

Permanent Makeup & Cryo offers Cryoskin in Maine. Our experienced and certified team can help transform your body with no surgery. It’s incredible to see the acceptance Cryoskin and Cryotherapy have. We offer different packages according to your needs and requirements.

Cryoskin in Maine has come to provide people with a non-invasive solution to eliminate fat, tone, improve skin appearance, and overall health and self-confidence. The treatment doesn’t cause discomfort, and it’s cost-effective compared to other slimming and toning procedures like liposuction.

We invite you to experience Cryoskin. Our team will answer all questions and explain the process we follow.