Permanent Makeup & Cryo In Maine

Transform and Enhance



We believe in internal beauty. With a strong passion for sharing every single detail of our knowledge and modern vision of permanent makeup with students from all over the world and followers – we make our art eternal.

Permanent Makeup in Maine has been around for more than three years. During this time, we have created several training formats so that everyone can choose what is needed exactly for them: fundamentals, workshops, master classes, corporate training, and even up to industry advertising courses.



Forget about boring lectures. In addition to fascinating permanent makeup processes, Our Academy courses are built on the following benefits:


New Programs

For each course, the program is updated by at least 30%, so students get PMU skills that will work today and tomorrow, not yesterday. After each course, we collect feedback and evaluate whether it is possible to make lectures and practice on models period more effective.


Lifetime Support

Each educational event of our Academy forms a separate micro-community. Our team and moderators are available for any of your questions before, during and after the event.


Individual Approach

We are known for team work. All the team is interested in your best result. We use our knowledge to make our students life better. We absolutely love what we do.


Signature Equipment & Techniques

We use a specific professional pigment line and equipment, that allows us to only focus on achieving the best and most stable results with our modern techniques.


Training formats

We assist and help our students to develop their personal professionalism – we teach them to actively promote their services, work professionally with creative dedication and get decent results. Therefore, watching and helping our students grow their business fast and successfully, has always been our #1 goal.