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Feeling Beautiful Isn’t Always Pretty

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and shades. It isn’t skin deep, but it is absolutely in the eye of the beholder.

At the end of the day, we are all our worst critics. We feel as though we have to put on our makeup just to feel better about our appearance: we tweeze, we brush, we put on lipstick. We color in our brows and we carefully pencil in our liner. It’s EXHAUSTING, am I right?

That’s where I come in! Hi, my name is Ashley Beaulieu and I am a Master Micropigmentation specialist. I’ve been performing cosmetic tattooing since 2016 and am a fully licensed Aesthetician with hundreds of reviews and thousands of happy clients. Needless to say, if you’re like any one of my clients have been you are ready for a solution!

Leading Maine’s Beauty Treatment Industry

Maybe permanent makeup isn’t your thing: that’s okay! I have hired a team of fully licensed and incredible aestheticians to help me offer a HUGE array of different services:

Why Permanent Makeup in Maine?

Because I/we care! I know it’s cliche, but that doesn’t make it untrue. All of my life I have been absolutely in love with the aesthetics industry, and I’ve found that when you’re doing what you already love you do it that much better. In fact, if you look at the reviews across all of my locations you would see that has reflected in the amazing experience my clients have been receiving:

Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics In Maine

Lewiston Location

Based on 70 reviews
Going to PMU of Maine, Lewiston has been a very exciting experience for me The best money that I have ever spent I'm proud to have joined this wonderful group of estheticians for all of my personal facial needs. They cover all your needs including cryotherapy, permanent makeup for your eyes and lips 💋 Just call them and look great for the upcoming holidays Tell them Jeannette Ward sent you They're affordable for your wallet and have monthly savings for you These are professional caring girls who care deeply about their clients and their results are undeniable. Liz,also cares for your nails. It's one stop shops Thank you for your time and attention!!
Patti Kennett
I can’t say enough about Ashley and her business! Ashley has been doing my eyebrows for several years now and I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else! Her staff is super friendly, the Lewiston location is very clean and welcoming. Even going for just yearly touch ups Ashley remembers you year to year, I love that about her! You are treated like a friend or a family member and not just a client! I said this in the beginning of this review and I will say it again, I can’t say enough and I certainly cannot thank Ashley enough for her dedication and professionalism! I’ll see you again in a year maybe sooner!!
Lucille Langelier
Excellent care and superb service.
Kayla DeCoteau
Ashley is a doll! I admire her ability to customize to each clients needs to make sure you leave happy. I love the UV lashes I had done today. Ashley took her time and it shows. The space was extremely comfortable and beautifully put together. I highly recommend booking with Ashley!!!
E. P.
Ashley and her staff are simply AMAZING! I have gone to see them a few times now and 100% plan on going back again and again. Not only do they know how to make a person feel like a million bucks, (and trust me, they really do!!) but their customer service is on point. Thank you Ashley, for helping me like what I see in the mirror once again!
Kim Cote
I have had the permanent lip color service and I have been thoroughly satisfied with it. Ashley was very understanding about any fears that I had regarding the procedure and she made sure that I was completely comfortable before starting the procedure. In addition, this is a “time saver”. Just apply lip gloss if you want a bit of “shine” and your ready for the day. I highly recommend this service.
Angela Jarvis
Had my first diamond dermabrasion facial today. Kera was amazing and explained in detail all the different kinds of exfoliants and facial options. She gave me play by play of what she was doing at all times so I was never left guessing what was coming next. She was so sweet and professional and very personable. The whole experience was a 10! I highly recommend ❤️
Laura Pashko
I recently moved to Maine and needed my eyebrows touched up. Ashley did a wonderful job! I was very pleased with the results. 😊😊😊😊
cassie harrison
Hey ladies love to be pampered how about doing as I did and get a gold facial from permanent makeup in Lewiston great service reasonably priced as well as outstanding care to detail, can’t say enough about Ashley and her team. Loved the pampering treatment I received.. left feeling like a million times better. Thanks Ashley and permanent make.
Wendy Rider
Ashley provided my lip blushing today, and the experience was wonderful! She is extremely knowledgeable, and assists with what color works best for your skin tone. The procedure went much faster than expected, and the pain was minimal. The results are amazing!

Fully Licensed/Certified Staff

Unlike many of my competitors, I am also FULLY licensed and certified in EVERY service I provide, including the highest available accolades for micro pigmentation available. On top of that, all of the amazing girls (and guys) that work for me at each of our several locations are ALSO fully licensed/certified: when you come to Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics in Maine, you know you’re getting top-notch service and education!

Note: Proper licensing is everything! Please do your diligent research on anyone that you allow to touch your face/body. You have the right to ask to see someones licensure, and you can verify on the State of Maine website that they are licensed!

Best-of-the-Best Supplies/Procedures

Here at my business, I’m not worried about trying to save money on the products used in our procedures: from the pigments used in permanent makeup to the gel used in our body slimming/toning, I absolutely do NOT cut corners and stay up-to-date on the newest technologies in the aesthetics industry. If you want a cheap set of lashes, you can go to your girl down the street. If you want the BEST lash extensions that are UV-cured with state-of-the-art glue technology, you come to us! Better products lead to better results, better aestheticians lead to better service. When you think of Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics, I want you to think BETTER.

You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to your appearance, you deserve the best care that money can buy. Here at my business, we pride ourselves in providing personalized services using the latest tech and best supplies. Whether you’re looking for permanent makeup, permanent jewelry, hair restorative services, healthy fat-loss, wanting to get your teeth whitened, skin tightening, a glowing facial, waxing, laser hair removal or something as simple as a lash tint & lift, you’ve come to the right place!

We pride ourselves in providing individualized and superior cosmetic alternatives to plastic surgery using only state-of-the-art technologies and completely vegan pigments. However, what truly distinguishes Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics In Maine as a leader in the beauty treatment industry is our passion for helping people and an unwavering commitment to our clients throughout the entire procedure/treatment process.

Ashley Beaulieu with all of her licenses and certificates

Your Friendly Neighborhood Permanent Makeup Artist

As the owner of Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics in Maine, starting/running this business hasn’t always been easy. I started out offering permanent makeup services in 2016 out of a small room in a hair salon & slowly brought in other services that would fit my client’s needs. I always had the mindset that taking care of my clients FIRST and not trying to make an extra buck would be the way I ALWAYS did business. Turns out, when you actually care about your clients they keep coming back!

I was the 1st Board Certified Micro-pigmentation Specialists here in Maine and have been board certified since 2020. That means I went to school specifically to do Permanent Makeup & Medical Micro-pigmentation (Scalp Pigmentation and 3D Areolas for breast cancer survivors) and have surpassed all necessary requirements for my licensure. Know why? Because I ACTUALLY love what I do!

Clients even come from all over the country to have my work done: from the upper East Coast all the way as far west as Hawaii. I have been called the “best Permanent Makeup Artist” for my outstanding work in permanent eyeliner makeup, lips, brows and medical micro pigmentation.

**** We only have offices in Lewiston, Saco and Freeport (soon to be Augusta). Any other business’s outside those locations are not ours or associated with us in any way.  **** -Management

Ashley Beaulieu Doing Permanent Makeup

Premium service from premium aestheticians using premium materials does sometimes mean a premium price.  If you’re not looking for “premium, best” or “incredible”, then this might not be the business for you!